Interview – Justin Decloux on Teddy Bomb


It’s the first episode of Sean Kelly on Movie’s podcast series “Lost Interviews.” Over the years I have accumulated a number of interviews with filmmakers, usually at film festivals. Usually, I would transcribe and post the interviews to coincide with the reason of the film I am interviewing for. However, sometimes that doesn’t happen and a perfectly good interview is left sitting on my hard drive. As such, I thought I would periodically pick one of these “lost” interviews and release them relatively unabridged in podcast form. First up is an interview I conducted on November 29, 2014 at the Blood and the Snow Film Festival with Justin Decloux about his debut feature film Teddy Bomb. Decloux is probably best known to Torontonians as the co-curator of the Laserblast Film Society, which screens monthly at the Royal Cinema, and he is also currently at work on his second feature Impossible Horror. This interview was a wonderful ten minute conversation about Teddy Bomb and I am happy it can finally see the light of day. Enjoy.

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