Interviews – Blood in the Snow 2016


Wow! Sorry for the three month wait between episodes. there were just some ideas I had for this podcast that never really got off the ground. Well, I am back with a collection of interviews from the 2016 Blood in the Snow Film Festival. Please note that some of these interviews have spoilers for the films, so please refer to the show notes and skip ahead if needed. Opening Clip – BITS 2016 Bumper 00:29 – Introduction 01:49 – Streamer Interview with co-director Jared Bratt(Spoilers) 11:20 – Capture Kill Release Interview with co-director Nick McAnulty (Spoilers) 21:40 – No Trespassing Interview with director Charlie Lawton and producer Brendan Whelton 24:45 – 3 Dead Trick or Treaters Interview with director Torin Langen 32:42 – Closing Comments Closing Clip – Trick ‘r Treat Main Titles – Douglas Pipes

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