Sean Kelly Interviews…. Blood in the Snow 2017


It is time for our second episode focused on the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival! Even though I was busy with the premiere of my short film Itch, I still had time to interview the people behind the opening and closing films Red Spring and Darken. Enjoy. OPENING CLIP – Excerpt from Sean Kelly’s live BITS Radio recording about Itch 00:28 – Introduction 02:48 – Clip: Red Spring Trailer 04:24 – Interview with Red Spring director/star Jeff Sinasac and producer Tonya Dodds 08:43 – Post Interview Comments 09:29 – Clip: Darken Trailer 11:03 – Interview with Darken director Audrey Cummings 17:44 – Closing Remarks CLOSING CLIP – Opening Theme from Itch by Everett Dudgeon Other Stuff Patron exclusive interview with the people behind She Who Must Burn and White Raven on Patreon

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