TIFF 2021 Preview

It’s a new beginning somewhat for the Sean Kelly on Movies podcast, as we preview the 2021 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival.

00:00-00:15 Opening Bumper

00:15-00:34 – Introductory Comments

00:34-02:06 – Housekeeping

02:06-03:08 – TIFF 2021 Introduction

03:08-04:31 – Screening Venue Rundown

04:31-05:12 – Facemask Plug

05:12-08:16 – Midnight Madness Rundown

08:16-12:51 – Other Selections in TIFF 2021 Line-Up

12:51-14:44 – Concluding Comments

14:44-15:04 – Closing Bumper

Sean Kelly Interviews – Amelia Moses on Bleed with Me

Today sees the release of the film Bleed with Me on VOD in Canada and Shudder in the United States. Here is my interview with the film’s director Amelia Moses, recorded last fall during the Blood in the Snow Film Festival.

WARNING: This interview will include some SPOILERS for Bleed with Me and it’s advised you watch the film beforehand.

Sean Kelly Interviews – Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald on The Oak Room

Today sees the release of the northern gothic thriller The Oak Room by Black Fawn Distribution, which makes it an opportune time to release the interview I conducted with director/producer Cody Calahan and producer Chad Archibald after the film played as part of the 2020 Fantasia Film Festival. Apologies in advance for the audio quality, since there was the occasional echo in the Zoom feed.

2021 Academy Awards Running Commentary

In this episode, I do running commentary of the 2021 Academy Awards, recorded during the commercial breaks.

Sean Kelly Interviews – Anthony Scott Burns on Come True

Spotify Version features exclusive music.


In this episode, I speak to Anthony Scott Burns, writer/director of the sci-fi/horror film Come True, which comes out today in Canada through Raven Banner and in the United States through IFC Midnight. In our discussion, I and Burns talk about the film, its themes involving dreams, and in what is probably the most common ground between us, having Asperger’s.

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From the soundtrack to Come True:

  • “The Seeker” by Electric Youth
  • “Modern Fears – Pilotpriest Come True Version” by Electric Youth

Sean Kelly Interviews – Steven Kostanski on Psycho Goreman


It’s a rare weekly episode of the Sean Kelly on Movies podcast as we feature an interview with Steven Kostanski about his film PG – Psycho Goreman!

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Sean Kelly Interviews – Justin McConnell on Clapboard Jungle


It’s our first episode of 2021 and we have for you an interview with Justin McConnell and his documentary Clapboard Jungle, which will be hitting VOD platforms today.

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2020 Season Finale: Response to WB


In an increasingly emotional and f-bomb filled episode, I respond to the game-changing news of Warner Bros.’s decision to release their entire 2021 film slate to their HBOMax streaming service.

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#SKMLive: Original vs Remake – 13 Ghosts


The full audio from my #SKMLive stream discussing both the original and remake of 13 Ghosts

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National Canadian Film Day: The Changeling Post Show


It’s our first episode since the world has been hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, so I hope you are all safe at home. 

This episode contains the audio from I live stream I hosted as the post-show for a Watch Party of The Changeling I did as part of National Canadian Film Day. The audio is presented with minimal editing and I hope you enjoy.

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